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A little about FLOW

Flow RestoBar, co-founded by seasoned bar-keep, Ricky Paiva, along with chef Jeremy Gillon and Anant Tyagi of Restaurant JAG, has been serving up a creatively spirited journey since August 2021.

Now situated at 39 Neil Road, the Californian resto-bar offers a full experience for patrons. An alluring collection of classic and progressive cocktails led by a 4-pillar menu inspired by the concepts of Living Room, Garden, Playground, and Office is complemented by a curated menu of simple yet inspired plates. With Ricky’s mandate of “two things that won’t exist at this bar are pretentiousness and the word ‘no’”, vivacious vibes and creative cocktails are in constant flux, establishing Flow RestoBar as the “third place, after home and work, for many since its opening in August 2021 (back at Duxton Road).

A little about Ricky

Ricky Paiva, a Californian native, is a veteran bartender and an icon in the industry. From a young age, Ricky always had a passion for food and loved to explore flavours. A 6-year-old Ricky once snuck to the kitchen at 3 am to prepare breakfast for his family, much to their surprise when he woke them hours later. And by third grade, he was packing his own lunch box for school.

Led by thoughts of becoming a chef, Ricky started as a busser at Café Bernardo, a local restaurant chain when he was 17. Ever inquisitive, a young Ricky was eager to learn. He keenly observed how the bartenders concocted cocktails, and was intrigued by their personable hospitality and how they enjoyed instant gratification from interacting with guests. His interest in bartending grew and he told his supervisor he wanted to be a bartender. A year later, at the legal age of 21, his dream came true when he was posted to the establishment’s newly built bar. With a sharp palate, the self-taught bartender was quick to hone his skill set, and soon, guests were returning for his classic concoctions.

After Café Bernardo, Ricky continued his F&B journey at Bridgeport Brewery in Portland Oregon as a catering captain. He went on to pursue his Restaurant Management Degree from Le Cordon Bleu. After his graduation, he moved back to Sacramento to take on a bartending role at Zócalo Modern Mexican Restaurant. It was the beginning of his rising career as Ricky came out on top in mixology competitions.

At 29 years old, Ricky was headhunted by Rickhouse, an iconic speakeasy cocktail bar in San Francisco. He jumped on the opportunity despite having to commute at least five hours daily during his first three months before settling in San Francisco. Ricky’s career and reputation sky-rocketed during his tenure at Rickhouse. He was actively doing guest shifts and participating in events and competitions. His expertise coupled with his amiable and animated persona earned him Best Personality title at the International G’Vine Gin Connoisseur Program.

In 2013, Ricky came to Singapore a year later to set up the now multi-award-winning Manhattan bar at Regent Hotel. He became acquainted with Anant and Jeremy when he was leading the beverage team at Match (Massive Collection). Since then, Ricky has been shaking up waves in the local cocktail scene. He was the brand ambassador of Bacardi Southeast Asia. He led the beverage programmes at Massive Collection, Six Senses, and Panamericana.

After two decades in the profession, Ricky co-founded Flow RestoBar, a place he calls home. Flow RestoBar is a cosy and intimate space where the team’s warm hospitality welcomes and relaxes guests for a great experience. “Two things that won’t exist at my bar are pretentiousness and the word no. Going with the flow is the way we operate here,” said Ricky.

What our customers say

Colin Chan Avatar
Great cocktails and quiet, understated ambience. Look forward to visiting when it reopens. Liked: - Peppery pineapple - Martinis
Colin Chan 18/09/2023
gabriel lowe Avatar
Had a celery cocktail. Delicious. Innovative. Sexy. Celery-ee. Bartenders with both charisma and class. Will definitely return.
gabriel lowe 25/07/2023
Pauline Yoong Avatar
Nice second floor bar that serves bespoke cocktails and food from Michelin star restaurant. It gets crowded on a Friday night. Reservations definitely required.
Pauline Yoong 25/06/2023
#MTマリナ Avatar
One of the best bar in town 😎 great music, great cocktails, friendly bartenders and nice setting. What else? Highly recommend!
#MTマリナ 25/05/2023
Ralph Gideon Devan Avatar
Great drinks ,,,,,, even greater bartenders ,,,,,,, love the barmans living room concept ,,,,,great to bring your date
Ralph Gideon Devan 25/05/2023
Evelyn Ong Avatar
Great service, drinks and entertaining bartender/ manager. Had the best time here and totally recommended!
Evelyn Ong 25/05/2023
Joshua Lim Avatar
Great company. Great drinks. The bartender wears underwear so that’s a plus. Will go back again for a good time
Joshua Lim 25/05/2023
Raynor Avatar
Friendly bartenders and superb services. Drinks were amazing as well. A very cozy place to hangout with friends. Great music, nice ambience. Will be back again!
Raynor 25/04/2023
Christian Hiltl Avatar
Nice cozy place with a good vibe for a few drinks. Very good cocktails. And nice guys behind the bar.
Christian Hiltl 25/02/2023